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Save THOUSANDS of dollars compared to other tools and never have to archive/delete clients to avoid paying more.

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We have the most intuitive and easiest to use workout builder on the market. Use our database of 3 000+ exercises to creating stunning workout plans.

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You don't have to use a computer to make changes to a plan or to create new ones. Edit plans on-the-go with our apps!

Tracking and Assessments

Our system will send assessments requests to your clients every week. Automatically get progress pictures, weight and more vital information about your clients in your inbox!

Nutrition and Meal Plans

The only nutrition software that offers a visual of what the portion of the food item looks like in your client’s plate.

You HAVE to see this!

Customize Branding

Your brand matters! Upload your logo, chose your colors scheme and easily customize the look and feel of your app and plans.

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Hi, nice to see you here! My name is Mark.

Been in the coaching business I realized that …

Editing plans for my clients is taking a lot of my time and energy.

I needed to automate my business to do more of what I love.

So I started looking for apps and platforms but…

They are not user friendly and expensive..

You are always limited on how many clients you can add…

One more client? AH! $30 bucks more per month… :’(

If they have an Unlimited Plan, it's ridiculously expensive.

So you play the game of Archive/Delete/Remove access…

SO… I decided to build my own… Here is what I wanted:

  • Fast and easy to build and deliver plans so that I can save TIME.
  • Affordable workout and nutrition builder
  • Edit plans from my phone, not always having to use the computer.

So after 2 years of development…

I am also launching this:

Unlimited clients account for $44.99 per month.

Insane right?

Most platforms charge between $90 and 250$ per month for unlimited accounts…

Over the next five years, you will save $5 000..

Better no?

Plus.. You have 30 days to try for free.

If you choose not to upgrade , you keep the 5 free clients for life!

No credit card needed.

Seriously. You have nothing to lose.

Only to win!

On top of that… yes there is more…

We will give you a 15 minutes session with a TrainerFriend Pro.

He will teach you a few tricks...

To get the job done faster, save more time.

Are you still using Word/Excel/Paper?

Are you using a more expensive platform?

Claim the offer now!

You will not find a better offer in the market.

Smash that Claim button!

What other coaches think about TrainerFriend?

"I focus a lot on nutrition to help my clients achieves their goals and they have the best meal plan builder I have ever seen on the market. I ended up switching all my clients from a different tool them.”
"Since the pandemic, I switched to 100% online coaching and the unlimited client package was a big deal for me. I ended up saving about 100$ per month.”

"I always liked their simplicity from the beginning. The way you build plans is so simple and visual. The coach app also let me edit the plans on the go and it saved my life quite a few times!”

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Are you ready to save time, money and boost productivity?

More features...

Train your clients in person or online.

Build comprehensive and stunning visual workout plans with more than 3,000 exercises and 1500 videos.

Empower your business with the worlds largest food portion image database.

Stop telling your clients and start showing them! With our platform and database of over 40,000 food images, you can create the most powerful meal plans imaginable!

Edit Plans on the go with our easy-to-use Mobile app.

Stop spending your time sending ineffectual Word/Excel/PDF documents to your clients and start setting them up for real success by providing them with an easy and intuitive way to view, visualize and follow their meal or workout plans.

100% Free - up to 3 clients.

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